I married Tom, my best friend and better half in 2019. For over ten years he’s been my ski-holiday-sidekick, daily IT problem solver, Wagamama's feasting partner, daily piss taker, snack shopping king and incredible dad to our little boy Bodie. In all honesty, he's the kindest, most selfless, loving husband and father I could have ever dreamed of. He's simply the best! 

We love a good Netflix boxset binge in our house. Alternating between super-violent and shamefully basic (Vikings followed by Emily in Paris, that kinda thing). Apparently I have the music taste of a stereotypical dad. Loving, Travis, Simply Red, Lighthouse Family and Stereophonics to name a few. Basically put on anything old school, I’ll be on the dance floor singing along!

Very recently Tom and I took the puppy plunge with Sunny, our cute but crazy fox-red Cockapoo. She's scared of drains, loves to lick your legs as you get out of the shower, doesn't know the meaning of personal space, and is obsessed with peanut butter, She's a rascal, but brings our household so much happiness. so, if your dog is joining the celebrations, we'll definitely be besties by the end of the day!

Hey, I’m Emily

Newly Wed, Dog Mamma, Interiors Adorer and a Cotswold wedding photographer. 

My Family - The Bon Clan

I was born and raised in the Cotswolds by two Scottish parents. I’m the middle sister, sandwiched between Becky, queen socialite and semi-professional party-goer. And the no-nonsense but undercover-softy, Hannah. 

My mum works in Childcare, and is the most devoted, considerate, loving and caring mum a girl could ask for. She's also Brodie's fav, Our handsome Labradoodle. She gives the best cuddles so its understandable. My dad served in the RAF for 25 years, travelling the world as a Parachute Jump instructor and sky diver. But he’s a proper softy and a true dad of girls, just another one of the gang getting in on all the gossip! In our household, we're an open book, and anything goes. Those are my absolute besties. 

And that’s one reason why I love weddings so much. Because beneath all the beautiful styling and traditions, it’s a day all about the coming together of two families, and the beginning of your own exclusive little team. A whole day surrounded by all your favourite people in the world, and all the joy, love and happiness that comes with it. And I love that I get to be there to capture it for you.

How I became a
Cotswold Wedding Photographer

My love of photography began with my uncle. His lifelong passion for photography had given him a daily purpose, and a distraction from his struggle with mental health. He’d taken up a ‘365 photography challenge’, but sadly lost his life before he could see it completed. So I inherited his camera and continued his challenge in his name. Tom bought me my first camera shortly after, and my love of photography intensified. And the rest is history. 

I’m a firm believer that ‘the secret to having it all is knowing you already do’. Everyone has their own story, and a unique path they’ve taken to get to where they are now. So I guess all we can do is be ourselves, fight the urge to compare ourselves to others and love and accept the person we are in this moment.

We have no idea what people are dealing with, what they’ve been through or what lies ahead of them. So to be able to capture a day of true love and happiness for them to look back on fills my heart with joy.

And far more than my passion for photography, my affection for aesthetics and my love of family, the honour of capturing the most perfect day in people’s lives is what makes me love my job the most. 


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