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I’ll probably be the person at your wedding who’ll have been to the most weddings. So I have a sixth sense of when things might not go to plan. And a responsibility as your wedding photographer to make sure they do! So if I see you’re not totally happy, or think that something might go wrong, I’ll quietly work my magic to make sure everything goes perfectly. 

Because weddings should be fun, right?! And it’s so easy to get pulled into the pressure of the day and forget to actually enjoy it. So I aim to be a bad influence for the good, an angel on your shoulder suggesting devilish things! That little voice reminding you to relax, taking you to the bar, nudging you onto the dancefloor. Basically sheltering you from stress and funnelling all the good vibes your way!

I don’t want your whole experience to be about me. Because it’s your day, not mine. But with all my heart, I want your experience to be better because I was there.

Wedding portfolio

Emma & Rich @ The Great tythe barn

Info + Approach

If you feel posed and pressured, you won’t feel like you. And your wedding photos will just be a stream of images where you don’t quite recognise yourselves. So my main goal as your wedding photographer will be to make you feel completely comfortable around me. Free to relax, have fun, and just be you. So when you look through your wedding gallery, you’ll see nothing but genuine smiles, spontaneous laughter, and the very best version of your most beautiful selves.

Your wedding day will be the most beautiful day of your lives, and I want to give you wedding photography that captures it in the most stunning, colourful way possible. So when you look through your wedding album in years to come, the colours will jump out from the page. And that overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy will shine through in the composition of every shot.


Elissa & Mike @ Pauntley Court

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Sarah & Mikey

My partner and I got married during the pandemic and so we had a very small wedding day. We didn’t want to feel like posing for photos was a chore or imposing on our day too much seeing as it was very intimate. Emily Collett Photography was the obvious and perfect choice for us. We both love her style of editing - always bringing out the most beautiful colours in her photos. Emily blended in with the day so well and organised all our photos seamlessly without us really having to think about it. She got everyone organised and made it all feel fun and not at all like we were being ordered around which sometimes wedding can feel a bit like! She also got them back to us so fast, and we were overjoyed when we sat and went through them. They just captured the day exactly how we remembered it and we are in love with the way she makes all the right colours pop - like my yellow shoes and the autumn leaves!

"Emily Collett Photography was the obvious and perfect choice for us"

Ellie & Nathan

My partner and I did a couples shoot with Emily, something completely out of our normal comfort zone. We walked away from the shoot having had the most wonderful time, the three of us had laughed constantly and we could not be happier with the final results! We would whole heartedly recommend Emily to anyone looking for a kind and lovely photographer that will put you at ease, she was really able to put our nerves at ease and engaged with us to pull the best out of us.

We cannot rate Emily highly enough, she was an absolute pleasure to shoot with!

Emily & Beau

Our experience with Emily was faultless. Always professional, courteous and talented enough to capture the exact style of images we wanted.

I would highly recommend Emily for any of your event photography needs, especially wedding and engagement!

Let's chat

step one

I’d love for both of you to be totally in love with me and my work, and for us to be besties straight off the bat. So before you make any decisions, let’s jump on a Zoom call, chat about your wedding plans and get to know each other.

Make it official

step two

You love me? I love you? The date is free? Woo! Let’s do this, I’m excited! Just sign the contract and put down your retainer and your date is confirmed. Penned into my diary with permanent ink and a big red heart around it! 


step three

I’m not a ‘take the money and run’ kinda girl. From the moment you book me, I’ll be your friendly neighbourhood wedding consultant. Whether it’s timeline advice, help with suppliers or just someone to chat to, whatever you need, I’m there. 6-8 weeks before your wedding, the three of us will jump on a Zoom call together to make sure everything is in place for the most effortless, incredible wedding day of all time.

Couples Shoot

step four

Let’s ‘break the photography ice’ and get to know each other properly, shall we? Book yourselves in for a couple’s shoot, and when your day finally comes, you’ll be doing the classic ‘Hollywood dip and kiss’ like seasoned pros! It’s also a chance to get some really relaxed, intimate photos of just the two of you without the time pressure of the wedding day. 

Your Wedding

step five

The day is finally here! Hang out the dress, put on your wedding scent and dig out those cufflinks! You’re getting married! This will be the most insanely fun, exciting, emotional day of your lives. So enjoy every second of it and take it all in. And I’ll be making sure it all runs smoothly and capturing every moment. Relax, it’s gonna be amazing.


step six

A couple of days after your wedding, you’ll be sitting on the sofa, eating leftover cake and opening presents. Your phone will ‘ding’ as I send you your previews. You’ll both start ugly-crying on the sofa as all the memories and emotions come flooding back! And that’s just the previews! The full gallery will be sent out 8-10 weeks later, with every photo fully edited in my signature vibrant style. Ready to be made into an album, shared with family, and printed and framed on every wall of your house.

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