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Weddings should be fun, right?! It’s so easy to get pulled into the pressure of the day and forget to actually enjoy it. So I aim to be a bad influence for the good, an angel on your shoulder suggesting devilish things! That little voice reminding you to relax, taking you to the bar, nudging you onto the dancefloor. Basically sheltering you from stress and funnelling all the good vibes your way!

I don’t want your whole experience to be about me. Because it’s your day, not mine. But with all my heart, I want your experience to be better because I was there.

Info + Approach

If you feel posed and pressured, you won’t feel like you. And your wedding photos will just be a stream of images where you don’t quite recognise yourselves. So my main goal as your wedding photographer will be to make you feel completely comfortable around me. Free to relax, have fun, and just be you. So when you look through your wedding gallery, you’ll see nothing but genuine smiles, spontaneous laughter, and the very best version of your most beautiful selves.

Your wedding day will be the most beautiful day of your lives, and I want to give you wedding photography that captures it in the most stunning, colourful way possible. So when you look through your wedding album in years to come, the colours will jump out from the page. And that overwhelming feeling of excitement and joy will shine through in the composition of every shot.

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