Golden hour is a magical time of day, especially for wedding photos. As the sun begins to set, the light becomes softer and more golden, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.

Here are my top tips for capturing the perfect golden hour photos on your wedding day:
AKA: The Money Shots!

Golden Hour at your Cotswold Wedding

Why you should consider making the most golden hour during your wedding celebrations

Golden Hour Photographs |1st August 2023

Discuss with your photographer, so that they can factor these portraits into their photography schedule,  Its also always worth making sure you know exactly when golden hour will be on your wedding day, so you can plan your wedding day schedule accordingly too. For some couples, heading out again for a few more photographs may seem like overkill, however I can promise you it will be worth every second to capture those stunning shots. AKA, The money shots! 

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Location Scouting

Plan ahead

Timing is Key!

Location, location, location: Discuss with your photographer to select a location that will showcase the golden hour light to its fullest potential. Look for areas with open fields, water, or other natural elements that will reflect the golden light and create a beautiful backdrop for your photos. Us photographers are like magpies for finding that golden, glowly light, so rest assured, after a little recce, we will have the perfect spot in mind. 

Timing is key: Make sure you start your golden hour photo session at the right time. You don't want to miss the best light, but you also don't want to start too early and end up with harsh midday sun in your photos.

So basically, when your photographer says now, they mean literally right NOW! The golden hour light can come and go in a flash, so timing really is essential. Your fun filled wedding celebrations will be waiting for you upon your return, however sadly the sunset does not wait around for anyone. In those 5/10 mins, you'll have captured some epic shots, watched the sun set on your wedding celebrations, to then return ready to party! You wont regret it. 

Trust your photographer

Finally, I cannot express this enough. Trust in your photographer to capture the beauty of golden hour. They know how to work with the light and create stunning images that you will cherish for a lifetime. Relax, enjoy the moment, and let them work their magic. Let go, be carefree and enjoy every moment!