Firstly, I can't stress how important it is to have a wet weather plan - just in case.

With an element of flexibility, everything originally planned can be achieved on your wedding day, as long as there are wet weather options available to us, planned prior to your day. 

Unfortunately I cannot work miracles with the weather, so with a bit of prep and discussion beforehand, we'll make sure we make the most of your special day. 

The Importance of having a wet weather plan at your cotswold wedding

there are so many reasons why you should always have a wet weather plan, here's why...

wet weather plans | 28th March 2023

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Definitely Don't stress


Flexibility is key!

As we all know very well, the British weather can be incredibly unpredictable. We can cross our fingers and pray to the weather gods, however ultimately theres no telling what the British weather will do, even throughout the summer. 

I've captured weddings on peak summer dates, where annoyingly its rained for the duration. And when I say rain, I don't mean a light summery drizzle, I mean RAIN. Heavy downpours! So, although having a summer outdoor wedding ceremony is always a great idea, just make sure than you chat with your venue, wedding planner or co-ordinators to make sure that given bad weather, you have the ability to have an equally as beautiful indoor ceremony, if needed. 

Whether that be braving the rain with umbrellas, adapting our timeline to hopefully find a break in the weather, or utilising indoor spaces for group photographs and couples portraits. 

Capturing your special wedding day photographs becomes a lot easier and much less stressful when there are several options available to us. 

I agree, easier said than done, however there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the weather, so why stress about something you cant change? Instead focus on what is in your control and make sure that plan B and variety of options are available, should the weather gods not be kind to us. 

As I previously mentioned, unfortunately I cannot work miracles with the weather, so with a bit of prep and discussion beforehand, we'll make sure we make the most of your special day. We'll adapt and overcome, and everything will be amazing, no matter what! 

Options - Have a variety of options

Things which help during rainy days

White/Clear Dome Umbrellas
Why White/Clear umbrellas? Having a these umbrella will still allow for the natural light to shine through and work its magic, despite the rain. They are also less if a distraction in photographs, allowing for the focus to remain on you and your wedding party. The Dome style of umbrella just allows for a bit more coverage in terms of keeping you dry in the rain. 

A Change of Shoes
Wearing heels during rain can become tricky. The ground can often be uneven, puddles form, heels sink into grass, and ultimately its much quicker to get those all important gorgeous wedding shots with a flat shoe rather than a heel. Having a practical change of shoe will allow for you to change back into your wedding shoes once we head back inside, keeping them fresh and lovely for the rest of your celebrations. 

A Waterproof Cover Up 
We may need to move ourselves from location A to B, therefore although we'll have umbrellas, having a waterproof coat/coverup will allow for your beautiful wedding outfits to remain dry and importantly as clean as possible for the duration of your photos. You don't want to look, feel or remain soggy for the rest of your celebrations, so a cover up is always advised. Your day is about looking and feeling your best, so although we don't want you to be too precious about your outfits, you equally want to be able to enjoy your wedding for its entirety. Feeling damp is not the one! 

A Nominated Duo
This duo will become a crucial extra helping hand, for both myself as your photographer and you both as a couple. Holding umbrellas when needed, taking coats in between your photographs, holding your dress up off the floor etc etc. Basically having a few extra pairs of hands can make a real difference to the whole experience of having your photographs taken in the rain. Its also worth noting that my camera kit (like most) isn't waterproof, therefore i'll also need someone to do me a huge favour and hold a big umbrella over me too. This will allow me to effectively and safely work during these conditions.