Professional, high quality albums will last for centuries, as long as they are well looked after.
Lasting much longer than usb's too.

You hired a professional to take your wedding photographs, so why not leave the process of creating your wedding album to your professional photographer too?

Luxury wedding albums

There are so many reasons why you should invest in a luxury wedding album...

Wedding albums | 22nd february 2023

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timeless memories

Why you should invest

choosing the right album for you

Just think, if you've ever enjoyed looking through your parents, perhaps even grandparents albums, by investing in yours, you are enabling your children and grandchildren the same experience. You are investing for now, and for years to come.

ordering your luxury album in 4 simple steps

These Wedding Albums are quite simply show stopping. The Fine Art Albums are printed using the latest pigment inks on matte fine art paper for perfect colour quality. Each album opens out flat, with an almost invisible crease, allowing for images to be styled across the whole spread, without effecting the aesthetic.

You can choose from beautiful luxe, Canary leathers to wonderfully soft Dolomiti Suede, Selfoss Velvet and Cali Natural Covers.

Every album designed by Emily Collett Photography will result in a completely unique design for each and every client. From the images, to the page layouts, sizing, aesthetic and style, Each aspect will be lovingly hand selected to make sure that every album evokes emotion, joy and love.

Luxury wedding albums are crafted with the highest quality materials and craftsman techniques, ensuring that your album will last for years to come.

A luxury wedding album is a timeless piece that can be passed down for generations, giving future generations a beautiful way to relive your wedding day.

Luxury wedding albums are designed with beautiful artwork and embellishments to create a stunning way to showcase your wedding pictures.

The materials used in luxury wedding albums are designed to stand the test of time, ensuring that your wedding photos remain beautiful and intact for years to come.





Your album is produced with archival, fine art and museum-grade materials that won't yellow, fade or age like high street printing. Your album will last for generations to come.

Did you know a USB only lasts 10 years? An album will never crash, outdate or fail. It's the most secure way to preserve your memories for you and your family to cherish for 100+ years. I can't recommend a 'hard copy' enough.

It's the best way to tell your love story. A perfect ending to your special day that you worked so hard to create. I can curate a design that flows just how the day went so you can be transported to your favourite memory whenever you like.






Favourite 100 images on your online gallery

I'll send you a questionnaire to select your Wedding Album preferences

I'll design your gorgeous album using professional design software. An initial online proof of what it will look like will then be sent to you for review. Highlight any changes you'd like to make, and i'll make sure those changes are made.

Pay your invoice and I send it off to print! Your beautiful album shows up at your door and you have this incredible heirloom to pass down through generations .

album design

album type



Beautiful, quality albums, lovingly designed, bespoke for you.
So, are you ready to create something amazing? Let's do this, together!

To design your handcrafted, beautiful heirloom, get in touch to start the process

Big hugs, Em x