I frequently get asked as to why couples would potentially need to add a second photographer onto their photography booking. So, if you're asking yourself the same question, then this blog is for you. 

benefits of having a second Photographer at your cotswold wedding

Why you should consider adding a second photographer onto your
wedding photography booking

Second Shooters | 22nd January 2023

If candids are important to you, then adding a second shooter to your package is a must! Especially with guest numbers over 80. Throughout the day, there are so many moments were I am unable to really focus on guests, due to capturing other aspects of your day (family formals, couples portraits, bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding breakfast details etc)

Rest assured, in every single free moment, i'll be keeping an eye out for those lovely, joy filled, natural candid moments, constantly snapping away, however. . . Having a second shooter allows me to task my trusted second to focus heavily on guests, resulting in LOTS of candids included within your gallery.

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back up in a worst case scenario

Invaluable assistance in bad weather

Coverage of both morning Prep

Guest coverage + Lots of candids

not a moment missed

The morning prep for you and your partner can often be at different locations, as well as at different times. Having a second shooter will allow for both you and your partner to have those fun moments captured during the morning of your wedding. 

It's not about posing for lots of photos during the prep, it's all about capturing you with your closest family/friends, enjoying those final moments before saying 'I do'. Those tight bear hugs, the gifts, popping bottles, or cracking open the beers, emotional letters, family traditions, emerging nerves and so much more 

Simply put, I can't be in two places at once. I wish I could though. Whilst I aim to capture absolutely everything, at times this can prove to be an impossible task.

Whilst im capturing your family photographs or couples portraits for example, I can't also be with your guests, photographing lovely candids, whereas a second shooter can focus heavily on your guests. They provide another perspective of your day as well as different angles, seeing it unfold though another lens, so this will diversify your gallery of images too.

Additional Coverage

There's nothing quite like having your absolute favourites together in the one place. Having a second shooter allows for lots of additional coverage throughout your celebrations, allowing you to look back and be a part of moments you didn't get to see, or hadn't realised had happened.

Whether than be grandad starting a dance off, or your uni friends meeting your school friends, after hearing so much about each other. Being able to look back on those moments will allow you to enjoy your wedding day from all angles, as like myself, you sadly cant be in two places at once either.

Not a moment missed!

It's not something I ever like to think about, however its something that as a professional invested in your wedding day, I will always have a back up plan, plus a back up back up plan

That being said, theres no telling how a wedding day will unfold, with so many moving parts contributing to a fantastic day, therefore having an excellent additional photographer on hand really help to take the pressure off

They're a team mate, and they'll also want the absolute best for you both, so together we'll work our magic and make sure those worst case scenarios cannot defeat us. Peace of mind for me and you!

Albeit it rain is supposed to be good luck on your wedding day, it can at times prove testing when trying to capture all the gorgeousness of your wedding day solo.

Having a second on hand to help during any adverse weather can be a real live saver. It'll help make the experience a lot smoother as they can be a really helpful extra pair of hands. Holding umbrellas, making sure your dress isn't dragging the ground, holding bouquets, making sure my kit stay dry, another expert option to trust with bouncing ideas off, whilst I focus on creating beautiful imagery

All in all, its a huge reassurance to have another professional present when at times it can feel like the weather is really against us

The next Steps + How to book

A second shooter can be added onto your wedding package at any time, therefore if you're having a wedding of 80+ guests, let's chat and see whether adding a second photographer is the best option for you.

Trust me, you'll thank your future self when you look back through your wedding album and see so many amazing candids and additional moments that perhaps you wouldn't have otherwise had. 

Having a second photographer can be a total game changer in certain situations.