Top tips for amazing
sparkler wedding photographs 

If you're planning to use sparklers on your wedding day, here's your guide as to how to make those wedding day sparkler shots the best they can be from a Cotswold Wedding Photographer

Sparklers on a wedding day can be one of my favourite aspect to photograph. They helps to bring a whole new vibe to your wedding album, specifically because they are shot at night. They are all about everyone getting involved, from little ones (supervised of course) to the grandparents, having fun, and just enjoying the moment. The buzz of waving a sparkler just makes peoples soul happy, which really shows in the photographs. This I honestly love!

With that in mind, there's a lot more that go into sparkler wedding photographs than you may think. It's not just a case of buying any sparklers, cracking open the packet, lighting them and away you go.... here why!

Safety First

Sparklers can quite honestly be a logistical nightmare when not thought through, or organised properly, so it's so important to make sure that this first step is taken seriously.

Sparklers are hot, they're essential fire and when not used correctly can cause harm and upset on a wedding day. At the end of a fantastic day, you do not need a sparkler injury or close call. So, first things first, you need to ask your venue if they allow sparklers to be used. This will determine if your sparkler plan is a go or not. Next, make sure that there is a metal bucket of water for the disposal of the sparklers. Once they have finished burning, they are still incredibly hot, so everyone needs to put their sparklers into the bucket to avoid burning the venue down. Most venues will make sure a bucket is available to you! 


Timing is key!

Timing is everything when it comes to sparklers. As you want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience, factor the sparklers into your timeline before guests are likely to get too drunk. Sparklers shots take double the time to organise/execute, and are significantly more challenging when guests have had too much to drink, so preferably before the party starts! That way you aren't trying to drag people off the dance floor for sparklers, or missing any of your epic bands setlist! They can also be the best way to kick start the party! 

Dusk or darkness is best, hence why sparkler shots tend to be easier in the winter months. Often having some sort of ambient lighting nearby helps though, however the sparklers look so much more effective when it's dark. With enough sparklers lit, they offer enough light to light up faces and capture some awesome shots! 

What type of sparkler is best?

The type of sparklers you buy can really be a game changer when it comes to the visual and experience. You'll want to buy the long sparklers so that they take longer to burn, giving your photographer more time to get those money shots. It can take a while for all of the sparklers to initially get lit, so having the extra burn time can be really important.

Secondly, select the GOLD sparklers. These glow lovely and warm in colour and look soooo much nicer in photographs. The silver sparklers give off a lot more smoke, so quite quickly you'll be surrounded my a smoky haze which you definitely don't want for photos. 

Lighting your sparklers

This can be quite a time consuming aspect of having sparklers on your wedding day. The sparklers all need to be lit quickly and at the same time to allow for the best chance of amazing wedding photographs. So, you'll need sooo many more lighters than you think. And when I say lighters, do not rely on your guests who are smokers to just by chance have their lighter on them. You need to have lots of lighters prepped and ready to use specifically for your sparklers. Ideally the venue may have fire pits lit, in which case guests can light their sparklers from there. Once at lease a dozen or so have been lit, it's then easy enough to go end to end with the sparklers and get the remaining sparklers lit. This part is always chaos, but trust the process, it's worth it!!!

Finally, as with confetti, buy more sparklers than you think you'll need, trust your photographer and HAVE FUN!