An unplugged wedding ceremony is one where guests are asked to refrain from using electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras during the ceremony. There are several reasons why couples might choose to have an unplugged wedding ceremony.

benefits of an unplugged
wedding ceremony


Unplugged wedding ceremonies | 8th August 2023

Firstly, an unplugged wedding ceremony can help guests to be more present and engaged in the moment. When guests are constantly checking their phones or taking pictures, they can miss out on the emotions and beauty of the ceremony. An unplugged wedding ceremony ensures that everyone is fully present and focused on the couple.

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How to action an unplugged ceremony

Better professional photographs

Guests are more engaged


Secondly, an unplugged wedding ceremony can help to ensure that the couple's professional photographs turn out beautifully. When guests are taking pictures with their own devices, they can often get in the way of the professional photographer and distract from the moment. By having an unplugged wedding ceremony, the couple can rest assured that their professional photographs will be the best they can be.

Finally, an unplugged wedding ceremony can be a way to create a sense of intimacy and privacy. By asking guests to put away their devices, the couple can create a space where everyone feels comfortable to be vulnerable and emotional. It can also create a sense of exclusivity, as guests who are present are fully invested in the moment.

There are two very easy ways to ask guests to refrain from using their devices during your wedding ceremony. Firstly, strategically place a beautifully designed wedding sign at the entrance to your ceremony space. That way all guests will be able to see it due to it being right in their pathway. 

Secondly, ask your registrar to kindly ask guests to again refrain from using their devices during the ceremony with a short explanation as to the reasons why. This will just help to enforce the signage, letting guests know that you would really prefer that all imagery was taken by your professional photographer. 

Don't feel bad about having this element of control. Your vows are precious and your ceremony is a special moment share between you both, your chosen friends and of course family.
Theres no need for guests to have their phones out!